Useful Advice for Facing Flight Delays

Useful Advice for Facing Flight Delays

Flight delays can be a real pain when you are going to or from a country you are visiting on holiday. Delays going out mean you lose precious holiday time, delays on the way back means you could ruin arrangements for lifts home, starting work the next day etc. Here is some advice if your flight is delayed.

Speak to Staff – Calmly

Being delayed can anger you, but taking it out on the flight companies staff will not help. You often see poor women and men being shouted at and abused about a flight being delayed when their job isn’t to make sure flights go out on time. If you want information on the delay, find the nearest member of staff and ask them. They will provide you with as much as they know.

Check Your Travel Insurance

Hopefully you plan ahead and for the worst-case scenario. Fingers crossed you opted in for travel insurance and if you did, you could have made a great decision. It’s all over the internet and TV that delayed flights can lead to compensation. Therefore, check your travel insurance, see if you are covered for flight delays and if you are, sit back relax and deal with the claim when you reach your destination.

Stay Calm, Chill Out and Find Something to Pass the Time

Delays can mean that you are having to sit at the terminal for a number of hours. Therefore, getting worked up and then having to sit there, surrounded by other angry customers probably won’t help. So, instead, stay calm, find out what you need to and chill out. Go have a browse through the shops, listen to music and pass the time until your flight is ready.