Thursday, May 23, 2019
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The Best Wireless Speakers On The Market

Wireless speakers are one of the greatest advancements in musical technology to date. With wireless speakers, you can listen to your favorite jams anywhere, anytime. Just a mere 10 years ago, speakers needed to be plugged in to the wall and your device. Not only that, but smaller speakers did not have much power.

Now, that has changed. Even smaller wireless speakers have great power these days. in. Not only to your device, but also to the wall! Wow, how times have changed.

But with new advancements, wireless speakers are truly wireless. They can play via bluetooth and run off of batteries. With a great wireless speaker, you can bring the party anywhere!

There are many wireless speakers on the market and that can make it difficult to choose one. In this list, we will analyze the best wireless speakers available for sale here in the UK.

Sony SRS-XB10

If you are looking for something compact that packs a lot of bass, consider the Sony SRS-XB10! Available for 40 pounds, this speaker has style, reliability, and a crisp sound with a brand name company.

Betron KBS08

If you are looking for something affordable and stylish, the Betron KBS08 is a great choice. Available for around 15 pounds, this wireless speaker uses bluetooth and it has many different color choices. This is currently the highest rated speaker under 40 pounds.

DOSS SoundBox

If you are looking for a tabletop speaker, or one that will fit nicely on a shelf, then the DOSS SoundBox is a great option. At only 30 pounds it is an affordable speaker. But the size is nice and while it could be portable, it will look great in your home.

There are many different speakers available if you are looking for a wireless option. Some are more expensive than others, but the fact that there are so many options is a great thing!