Car Hire: All you Need to Know

Hiring a car in the UK or abroad can be more of a process than it might seem. Here are a few tips and tricks for ensuring you’re not wasting precious holiday time at the car rental lot!

Check the age and licence requirements first!

Some car rental companies won’t hire cars to under-25s and ALL require you to have a full, clean driver’s licence. Before booking or putting a deposit down, make sure you know what the rules & regs are so you’re not wasting time, money or are left without wheels!

Find out if you need an IDP

International Driving Permits are required by some car rental companies abroad. They are easy to get online and are valid for 12 months. Keep in mind that this doesn’t replace your drivers licence though – you’ll need to produce both documents before you’re handed the keys.

Keep your passport handy!

Most car rental spots will require some form of identification and many will demand a copy of your passport. If you’re traveling abroad, you should have this with you anyway – just make sure you take it when you’re picking up your car!

Credit Cards, discounts & deposits

Some of the larger car rental companies will offer discounts for certain card holders so double check with your bank if they have an agreement with any overseas rental places before you decide on a company. This might also be the case if you hold a drivers licence from the country you’re travelling to. It also pays to check what the deposit requirements are as some places will deduct up to 2K as a security measure and refund it once you return the vehicle – ensure you know what’s required here and that you have enough credit on your card!

Insurance coverage & deductibles

Insurance coverage is generally a pricey add-on through car rental companies but it’s a good idea to get coverage, so you’re not left holding a hefty bill should you get into a fender bender – small or large. You’ll likely be offered a few different options – third party minimum through to full coverage and no deductible. Have a think about what you can afford (or afford to lose!). Keep in mind as well, that your credit card company might provide some coverage to you depending on the country you’re travelling to and where your credit card is from.

Happy Driving!

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row, buckle-up and enjoy the ride!