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Top 5 Personal Training Software

When it comes to personal training, some people need all the help they can get. That’s why there’s a veritable plethora of software and apps out there to help you get better. Here are five of the best.


A Personal trainer app that allows coaches and gyms to offer personalised plans to clients all via their Android or iOS device. This app will log fitness activities, provide nutritional analyses and lets PTs provide graphs and charts to clients to more easily track and monitor progress. Pricing is offered on a per-user-per-month basis.


This tool enables all things from client management & online bookings to fitness goal tracking and performance assessments. Targeting not only Personal Trainers & their clients but also yoga centres, dance academies and martial arts studios, this app allows the creation of personalised web pages for fitness trainers and there is the added bonus of users being able to enrol, book and pay for classes online. The tool is offered on a monthly and annual basis.

PT Distinction

This cloud-based platform runs the full gamut for its users, though is more specifically targeted towards trainers than it is to clients. Users can create and share training programs & establish fitness goals for multiple clients as well as assess those clients through the software. Everything from age & weight to lifestyle & nutrition habits can be documented here and PTs can create bespoke meal plans, upload training videos and use tools such as MailChimp and PayPal. There is a client dashboard included and clients can access anything uploaded to them by their trainer.

My PT Hub

Also based in the cloud! This software solution can be used by fitness trainers and nutritionists in order to facilitate more meaningful client interactions. Templates are built-in to the app allowing users to create fitness programs, training & nutrition goals and individualised workout plans for their clients. Clients can access schedules and appointments online and trainers can track activities and provide feedback all online. Photos, videos and tutorials can also be uploaded.


Tracking client workouts and commitment has never been easier! This software solution will alert trainers when their clients have checked in to the app and allows tracking of activity and an ability to reward clients with achievement badges when set goals have been reached. Trainerize also provides the ability to create individualised workout and meal plans for clients, all done in real time. Suitable for Android & iOS users, this app can establish weekly summaries, generate client profiles and trainers can send in-app messages to users.