All You Need to Know about Van Insurance: most common plans, companies and prices 

All You Need to Know about Van Insurance most common plans, companies and prices 

Whether its for work purposes or for ferrying around a large brood of kids, a van can come in great handy but to get on the road, you need to be insured!

If your van is used primarily for your job, you’ll need to look into commercial insurance. Commercial van insurance will cover you for the basics like theft, accidents, loss or damage, but you should also explore policies that cover goods-in-transit if you work in deliveries, or tools and materials if you’re a builder for example. You can also get coverage for a fleet, trailers and for multiple drivers if you have staff.

Cost varies greatly depending on the insurer you go for and the type of coverage you need. For example, insuring a fleet of vans all delivering goods will cost you a great deal more than insuring one van and your own personal tools. Keep in mind that things like driving history and average miles covered will come into play here too.

If your van-plans only encompass personal use, then the biggest factors affecting cost will be driving history, make & model of the van and whether you require multiple drivers listed on the insurance policy.

A great place to start shopping for insurance cover is to begin comparing insurance providers, and will help you to sort through the options as well. Many providers offer bundle packages and will discount rates for more drivers, more vehicles or more comprehensive policies.

Policies can be as basic as third-party insurance meaning if you’re in an accident, the damage to the other party will be covered but you’re on your own to pay for the damage incurred to your own vehicle. It’s always best to remember that as with most things in life, you get what you pay for – the cheapest policy isn’t always the best!