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Top 5 Business Broadband Plans

Business owners need fast, reliable broadband to ensure their company runs efficiently. Here are the top 5 plans for your business needs.

Talk Talk Business

Line Rental Cost: £16.95 per month
Broadband Cost: £13.00
Speed: 17mbps
The complete package offers unlimited usage, free line installation, unlimited UK phone calls, and free help to move your broadband if you’re moving to a new location. Businesses requiring more speed can upgrade to the fibre for an extra £18.00 per month, which offers up to 76 mbps.

Virgin Business

Setup Cost: £50.00
Broadband Cost: £50.00 per month
Speed: Up to 350Mbps

For larger businesses, Virgins Voom Fibre Option 3 offers a lot for the monthly price. It includes unlimited downloads and up to 5 static IP’s. For an extra £5.00 a month you can take advantage of a 24 hour fix time.

Plusnet Business

Line rental Cost: £12.50 per month
Broadband Cost: £5.99 per month
Speed: Up to 18mbps

Plusnet are known for their cheap internet deals and despite the low cost, they still offer unlimited usage. A static IP is available and calls to UK numbers are free. There’s also a 24/7 helpline. It’s not the best option for large businesses, but small companies can take advantage of the features for a reasonable price.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Line rental Cost: £10.50 per month
Broadband Cost: £18.00 per month
Speed: Up to 76mbps

Plusnets fibre broadband offers all the features as its simpler version but the higher speed is ideal for larger companies. There’s also unlimited usage and free calls to other plusnet users.

Virgin Essential Business Broadband

Setup cost: £50.00
Broadband cost: £22.00 per month
Speed: Up to 50 mbps

The simpler version of Virgins business broadband offers a lot of features for a reasonable price. A 72 hour response time for technical issues, unlimited downloads and a Dynamic IP are included in the package. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and the plus side is there’s no line rental.