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5 Benefits of Installing Stair Lifts

A stair lift, also known as a stair glider or chair lift, is a device that is often mounted on a rail attached to the treads of lifts. The purpose of this device is to lift people up or down a staircase on a chair or platform. There are various types of stair lifts, popular among them, curved-rail stair lifts – these follow the shape of a staircase, mostly curved stairs with tracks that keep changing direction and angle, straight-rail stair lifts- mounted on straight staircases with a straight track, wheelchair platform stair lifts –made to accommodate a wheelchair, mostly in public buildings, outdoor stair lifts, goods stair lifts- these include trays in the place of lifts and are used to move goods mostly in industrial or commercial buildings, and pre-owned stair lifts.

Installing stair lifts involves considerations like the type, often advised on by an installation company depending on how well it suits you and the staircase as well and installation costs. The following are five benefits of installing a stair lift.


This is because they enable a person to move up and down a staircase with so much ease especially when seated. Carrying goods up and down the stairs is made easier whilst also saving time. They also come with a remote control which means the platform can be called from any level and it will come to the user. Unlike elevators, stair lifts come with backup batteries meaning they are not dependent solely on power/electricity. In case of a blackout, these lifts will continue to work normally.


Stair lifts are very safe to use as they are professionally mounted to the rails which significantly reduces the risk of accidents during a trip. The fact that they come with a backup battery also means you won’t get stuck in case of an outage, and they use DC power, hence no danger of electrocution.


They are flexible in service as they can be used indoors, outdoors and they offer a lot of convenience and freedom to disabled and aged people.


Stair lifts offer comfort to users as they come with padded seats and adjustable armchairs and footrest.


The mounted stair doesn’t block accessibility to the rest of the staircase so it can be used simultaneously by all.