Visit Salcombe Crab Festival

If you decide to visit the Salcombe Crab Festival this year, what should you expect?

This annual event always has live music, with bands playing throughout most of the day. Local bands really shine during the festival, while one of a kind concerts have taken place during the event in past years.

Everything from touring a crab boat to seeing crabs up close and seeing them prepared by gourmet chefs is possible at the festival. One popular experience is the crab picking masterclass, where you learn how to eat and clean crabs with skills and finesse you never knew you were lacking.

Local stalls show off handicrafts and crab related memorabilia, while the option to make your own crab pot and help judge some of the biggest catches of the year are open to attendees as well.

While the event focuses mostly on crabs, it also showcases the ingenuity and skills of the people of Salcombe, meaning that artisans from the surrounding area will also be in attendance. Fun talks, events, and performances are scheduled throughout the day, and even people who don’t like seafood will enjoy their time at the festival.