Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Top UK’s Electricity Rates Packages

Keeping the lights on at your business is a prerequisite that should not cause you unwarranted stress when selecting an electricity provider. Remember, high market costs for electricity need not prevent new businesses or those changing suppliers from being lucrative because they can secure fixed contracts to continue spending power.

It’s also important to bear in mind that location can influence electricity and gas prices because of delivery requirements. Therefore, it’s best you ensure you secure the best deals. Here’s a list of the top electricity rates packages.


This is one of the leading gas and power companies in UK, producing electricity and retailing gas and power. The company’s energy solutions merge incorporated energy solutions with energy efficiency services. The cost per KWH is 17.66p while the standing charge is 83.00p. Some of the packages are as follows:

Go Online 1 Year

•Electricity-£38.80 monthly
•Gas-£37.77 monthly
•Total yearly cost-£912.91
•£30 exit charge per fuel
•£10 yearly discount for selecting paperless billing

Clean Energy (Fixed 1 Year)

•Total yearly cost-£1,017.09
•£30 exit charge per fuel


EDF is an incorporated energy company in the UK, with operations spanning electricity production and the sale of electricity and gas to businesses and homes throughout the UK. The cost per KWH is 20.20p while the standing charge is 50.00p. Some of the tariffs include:

Online Saver September 2018

•Tariff type: Dual fuel-fixed
•Average bill: £ 972
•Exit fees: £35per fuel

Blue+ fixed cost Sep 2018

•Tariff type: Dual fuel-fixed
•Average bill: £ 975
•Exit charges: £35 per fuel

Your business electricity costs are dependent on various factors, including delivery method and region in addition to contract. Ensure your company secures the best electricity deal for your area by comparing energy costs online. Remember, comparing your electricity options can help save you money.