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UK’s Sim Only Contracts

With a SIM only contract, you are able to keep a cheap SIM card as well as keep the phone given to you.

iD Mobile Multi SIM

This contract offers a contract of 250 minutes, 5000 texts and 2.25 GB for only £5.00 per month. iD Mobile offers roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations around the globe. Furthermore, there are capped charges and a data rollover option if necessary.

Plusnet Multi SIM

Plusnet has an offer 3,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 3.5 GB of data for the low price of £8.00 per month. Plusnet offers inclusive roaming at 52 locations as well as competitively monthly priced contracts.

Vodafone Multi Sim

Vodafone offers the best deal of unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 5GB data for only £10.00 per month. The reasons for joining the Vodafone family including an incredible voice recognition software as well as benefiting from WiFi calling.

There are many different Sim Only contracts, get the best one for you.