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Top 3 Big Data Analytics Tools

Every business today revolves around data in one way or another. Some may hold a lot more data than others. However, at the end of the day, data is everywhere and without some of the tools we have today, analysing this data would be a nightmare. If you are looking at implementing a new tool or wanting to upgrade to one of the big data analytics tools, then below will have the info you need.


You may have heard others mention Plotly or even seen it while looking. In all honesty, Plotly is one of the best big data analytics tools out there.

Have a lot of big data needs? Not to worry, Plotly is able to handle a huge amount of data and create what you need. Want a dynamic visualization? Then Plotly can do this. Not only that, but once you have got to grips with Plotly, creating amazing graphs will be a breeze. Need it in a different format? Plotly can also do this!


Bokeh is very similar to Plotly due to its ease of use and features it has.

Similar to Plotly, it can create amazing graphs, dynamic visualizations and more. It can really make your life easier when handling data and some of the other features include; easy to make interactive data apps, plots and even dashboards.

We would recommend checking Bokeh out if you aren’t overly keen on Plotly.


Would you prefer to use an open source platform? If so, checking Rapidminer out is a must!

Similar to the above tools, Rapidminer is able to analyse, manipulate, model and create models. It also allows you to integrate this data into your business making the data easy to handle and present.

Data Analytics can be a tricky job, so why not use one of the above 3 tools to help make the process easier?