Promotional Pens: Ideas for Your Business

Nowadays, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to promote your business. However, pens tend to be one of the less used methods of promotion. On the other hand, using pens to promote your business can be an extremely effective move. Below are some details on brand awareness and promotional pens.

How and Why Should You Promote Via Funny Gadgets?

With the amount of variations, you can pick when promoting your business, you need to stand out. Your idea has to catch the eye of potential customers. Without a doubt, every day, you pick up a pen, whether it’s yours or a friends/colleagues. 9/10 times, you will look at the pen and see what brand it is, where it came from. So, why wouldn’t you advertise via pens?

Everyone uses a pen at some point in their day. Even if it’s just to jot down a phone number or message. Millions of people in the world, millions of people using pens… Don’t just target a specific audience with a flyer or email, target everyone.

If you are now thinking, “advertising on pens is a great idea”, then below are some places you can get started.

National Pen

National Pen is a company that specializes in personalised pens and other customisable promotional products. They have been in the game for over 50 years so it is clear that advertising via pens can work.

There is a whole ton of customisations you can do to the pens. You can have different style pens, different colours, different fonts etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

Pens Unlimited

For over 25 years, Pens Unlimited has been trading and we can see why. The founders and owners of the company jumped into the market as people started using pens for promotion.

Similar to above, you can customise your promotional pens in a bunch of ways. Different makes, styles, colours, the customisation options are endless!

Why not take a chance and order a trial batch? We guarantee that within a week of getting the pens, you will have to put another order in because everyone needs a pen.