Discover the Beauty of Japan

Heading to Japan? We’re about to tell you 5 great places to check out while you’re there.


This city is the country’s capital, and is probably the most well-known. So we’ll get that out of the way first. With all it’s eccentricities and eclectic variety, Tokyo is easily one of the more exciting modern cities. The area is know for its cutting edge architecture and wonderful traditional Japanese cuisine. Also, the nightlife is spectacular, and it’s said that the city comes alive with all colors of light after the sun goes down.


This is another culturally rich Japanese city and is a must see on our list. The area features many historical areas that still remain, and the inner workings of the city seem to expand to the point that one could explore for weeks. Some things you can see here are gardens, old-world craft shops, restaraunts, and much more.


If you’re a horticulture enthusiast, you’ll particularly enjoy Kanazawa. Considered to be one of Japans Three Great Gardens, it’s home to Kenrokuen Garden, a beautiful and tranquil garden that has been part of Japan’s history for many years. Nearby that, you can also visit Kanazawa Castle, as well as Chaya-Gai, which is the geisha and teahouse area in the city.


Let’s say art is more of your thing. You don’t want to miss Naoshima. Riddled with art galleries galore, the city holds some of the works artists like Claude Monet, and Walter de Maria. The Art House Project, and Chichu Art Musuem are two areas to stop in and see some of these impressive collections, amongst many others.


The historical value of this city is immense. Here, you can see the A-Bomb dome, a strong and sobering reminder of the horrors that happened there in 1945 when the United States dropped an atomic bomb. Thankfully, things have much changed since then, and the city if brimming with friendly residents and its own culture.