5 reasons to go to Tenerife

reasons to go to Tenerife

There are more than a few reasons to go to Tenerife, and we’ll share 5 of the top ones today.

Warm Climate

The weather is nice and warm all year round. It’s hard to find a place that’s cozy and enjoyable outdoors every single day. In Tenerife, that’s a reality.

The surroundings and adventure

Tenerife is home to Spain’s tallest peak, Mount Teide, which also happens to be the 3rd biggest volcano around the globe. There are a host of other activities to tickle your fancy too should hiking not be of interest. Scuba diving is popular, and you’ll see many underwater creatures like whales, turtles, and dolphins. In addition to that, stargazing is unmatched here due to minimal man-made light in the area. You can always explore around and see what you find!

Great for the family

This isn’t only a great trip for you, it’s wonderful for the family too. The activities mentioned previously are family friendly, but there are things the kids especially love. Siam Park is one of those spots kids love, and it’s also one of the largest waterparks in all of Europe.

The Annual Carnival

Each year in February, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is hosted where you may expect, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The attractions feature a wide diversity of some of the worlds most popular acts. In fact, it’s so renowned that it’s regarded to be the second most popular festival internationally, falling second only to the festival in the Rio de Janeiro held in Brazil.


Expand your palate during your visit. The area is filled with local traditional cuisine that is not only incredibly tasty but provides a look into what it’s like to be from there. As an example, one of the well-liked local dishes is freshly caught fish soaked in wine.