Thursday, May 23, 2019

3 European Teams That Have Never Made the World Cup

Football is possibly the worlds most beloved sport. It moves hearts and crowds, and every country knows their priorities and supports their national team when the World Cup is around the corner. Despite football being a cornerstone of Europe’s culture, there are a few teams that have, amazingly, never made it to the World Cup.

For example, Finland, a country that has been steadily improving since 2000, is yet to qualify for the World Cup or even the European Championships. They came second from bottom in their group in the 2017 qualifiers, scoring 9 points.

Luxembourg has played in every World Cup qualifiers and has yet to qualify for this event. Sadly, they just can’t seem to crack the group stages time and time again. In the 2017 qualifiers, they managed to score 6 points, just ahead of Belarus’ 5.

Then, we have a small country like Malta that keeps trying to qualify but with such a low population, it is hard to find and breed players of world caliber. In the 2017’s qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they only managed one draw, and lost five games.