Pet insurance

Pet Insurance covers costs of veterinary treatment in case of an illness or injury to a pet. Apart from this, this insurance also covers damage the pet could cause  to a third party, through paying for expenses that could arise from the owner being sued by the third party. It also covers advertisement in case the pet goes missing, sudden death of the pet, kennel or cattery fees in case owner or caregiver gets hospitalised or incapacitated, overseas travel in case of illness or accidents abroad and costs arising after death.

There are four types pet insurance:

  • Lifetime Insurance which caters for ongoing issues and lasts throughout the pet’s lifetime.
  • Accident only which covers accident related issues and treatments, not recurring problems.
  • Time Limited Per Condition cover. Covers treatment for a condition over a limited period of time, usually 12 months. Expiration of this period means any further treatment will be covered by the owner. It also does not cover recurring problems stemming from the condition.
  • Maximum Benefit covers treatment of a condition for as long as it takes even after 12 months. It however does not cover recurring problems.

These types of insurance are uniform for dogs, cats and even horses. Here’s a list of popular policies associated with dog insurance. These policies influence the time and cost of an insurance cover.

  • Residence, which determines local area’s veterinary fees.
  • Gender. Male dogs are usually prone to more accidents compared to females.
  • Age will determine the kind of cover to take. It is said the older dogs are more prone to illnesses compared to younger ones.
  • Dog pedigree and breed. Some illnesses are associated with various breeds.
  • Level of cover the owner wants to take.

Some of the best insurance companies for dogs include PetPlan Pet Insurance, Healthy Pets Insurance Animal Friends Pet Insurance.

Similar to covers and policies of dog insurance, cat insurance types include accident only, maximum benefit, time limited and lifetime cover. Known cat insurance providers include Sainsbury’s Bank, Direct Line Pet Insurance, Bought by Many Pet Insurance E&L Pet Insurance and 4Paws Pet Insurance.

Horse insurance covers loss or theft, veterinary fees, 3rd party liability, Saddlery and track, disposal, protection in the event of death, legal advice and cover for horse drawn vehicles. Some of the best horse insurance providers include PetPlan Equine Horse Insurance, E&L Equine Insurance, Horse Insurance, Animal Friends Horse Insurance and KBIS Horse Insurance.