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Cloud Storage

Data storage is becoming a problem for many, both professionally and in their personal life. There are options, however, with many people seeing the value of cloud storage. Here’s a brief list of the best cloud storage options available today.


Technically free, but with the option to upgrade for just under £8 a month, Dropbox is a well known cloud storage option that allows you to make the most out of documents already on your computer. All of the storage and transferring of documents is done via local folders on your PC that then connect to the main servers when your PC is only. Data can be accessed both online and off, making it one of the easiesr cloud storage options to use.

Google Drive

Completely free, Google’s storage system allows you to use 15GB of space for everything from e-mail attachments to files. Available as both an app and as “backup and sync” on windows, the program allows you to sync your data between any number of different devices.

Microsoft One Drive

For either £2 a month or as part of the £60 a year package for office 365 personal, one drive offers up to 1Tb of storage. If you are looking for a free option, one drive offers 5gbs to anyone with a Microsoft account. Syncing can be selective, with only certain files loaded onto different machines. If you use your Microsoft account for e-mail or work, this storage system will likely make the most sense for you to use.

When it comes to data storage and protection, the cloud is becoming more and more vital.