The Biggest FA Cup Shocks

While the FA Cup Final is always exciting, some years shocking events turn the sport on its head. Here are some of the biggest upsets in the history of the cup.

1975: Burnley 0 Wimbledon 1

With an assumed rookie team, and a goalkeeper who was largely untested, the first match in Wimbledon’s FA Cup History was a shock to everyone who watched the game. Back in 1975, it was unheard of for a simple team from the Southern League to beat out a seasoned team, even in a game this close.

2013: Norwich 0 Luton 1

In 2013, Luton broke a 24 year losing streak for non-top-flight teams in the FA Cup History. Even the team themselves were surprised at their win, with only one strike determining the whole game. This match was a reminder to never underestimate committed players, no matter their position in the league.

1989: Sutton 2 Coventry 1

Going up against the champions from a mere 18 months earlier, Sutton had little hope of winning their final match. However, in 1989, they did just that, scoring two goals to Coventry’s one, and earning themselves a place in the FA Cup Hall of Fame.