The Best Attractions at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a marvellous place with two parks, several hotels, and more. Whether you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris or if you’re a Disney fan who is considering going on an international trip to Disneyland Paris, this brief guide has you covered.

In no particular order, here are some of the best attractions at Disneyland Paris.

Phantom Manor

Located in the Frontierland section at Disneyland Park, this attraction resembles the haunted Mansion attractions in California and Florida. However, the Phantom Manor is more exciting and a lot spookier than the American Haunted Mansion Rides. You’ll notice that there are more scary images, skeletons and rotting corpses. It is highly entertaining and exquisitely detailed but might not be a good choice for the easily frightened or very young.

Le Pays des Conte de fees

“Le Pays des Conte de fees” is a French phrase which means “The Land of Fairy Tales”. This attraction is located in the Frontierland section at Disneyland Park and is similar to the Storybook Canal at Disneyland in California. This relaxing boat ride takes you past richly detailed scenes from various Disney stories such as Tangled and Beauty and the Beast. This ride is great for the entire family since the material is appropriate for all ages and there are no height restrictions. Although it’s a slow ride, you’ll not be bored because there’s so much to see.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This attraction is located in the Frontierland section at Disneyland Park and it has counterparts in California and Florida. Although there are numerous similarities between the U.S. and paris versions of these rides, the Paris version is a little faster and more thrilling. The drop at the end is also more intense, though not vomit-inducing. The theming is excellent and the ride slows down at various points in order for riders to take in scenes of rainbow pools, bats and unruly goats. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers Fastpass but it has a height limit of 40 inches/ 102 cm.

Other attractions at Disneyland Paris worth trying include Les Mysteres du nautilus, Mickey and the Magician, Ratatouille: The Adventure, La Taniere du Dragon, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peris, Star Tours and Disney Illuminations.