How To Plan a Funeral

A funeral can catch people unaware, and this article shares insightful information on how to plan a funeral. The following are steps on how to plan a funeral.

Register the death

Please note that you can’t bury a body until you register the dead person.Contact your local council

The right department to visit at the council for funeral arrangements is the cemeteries and crematorium department.

Find out the total amount of funeral costs 

Average funeral costs in the UK can go to upwards of £3700. Please note that this fee can rise to £4100 if you’re using a funeral director. If you want to cut costs, you can choose cremation that goes for an average price of £1600 to £3350 if you’re using a funeral director. The following is what you get per package:

Cremation without a funeral director

-Collection of the body
-A basic coffin
-The deceased’s cremation. If you wish to keep the ashes, remember to request the funeral home not to dispose of them.

You can either choose to collect the ashes, or request the company to deliver them to you.

Cremation with a funeral director

-Care and collection of the deceased
-A basic coffin and hearse
-The funeral company will offer you, someone, to conduct a simple ceremony

Funeral with a director

– Care and collection of the deceased
– Simple coffin and hearse
– The company appoints someone to preside over the ceremony

Pay for the burial

Ensure that you settle the funeral costs so that the process can begin.

A funeral can be a sad time for the entire family and learning how to plan a funeral makes things easier.