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Cyber Security Trends & Innovation

Cyber Security is the protection of data, networks and systems that are deemed as critical or crucial to the functions of different industries and the government.  Almost every business relies on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its data. Protecting information is at the heart of the organization’s security planning.

As cyber-attacks become a more prevalent issue and begin to attack the data that countless industries and governments face, the importance of cyber security becomes all the more apparent. In addition to data, code or any other type of information on an internet connected device can be at risk. Furthermore, the primary motive of a cyber attack doesn’t have to be the taking of data, but can also be to disrupt networks, systems or the internet itself.

In order to prevent these issues from directly affecting industry or the government, there are countless firewalls and protections screenings which have been created to deflect malware and “bad actors.”