Thursday, May 23, 2019

Business Loans: When? How?

Business loans can be great for companies to get up and running. But not many people know when or how to get a business loan. It can be difficult making the decision but below will be some tips and pointers for those questioning a business loan.


You are either wondering “when is the best time to get a business loan?” or alternatively, “does it matter when I get one?” The answer is, yes there is a best time which we will discuss below and yes, it does matter when you get one.

Getting a business loan is a big step for any company. You are making the judgement that taking out the loan will improve your business and allow you to grow. However, there are some things to be careful of.

Firstly, make sure your business is actually making sales and there is a want for your business. There is no point taking out a loan for a business making no sales because you will just be throwing money at nothing. So, make sure you have a solid business that has a small, but steady income. This way, you will be able to grow your business, creating more sales and create income that will be able to pay not only your business, but the loan back.


You can’t just stroll into a bank or loaning company and walk out with a £25k cheque. You have to have a solid business plan that the bank knows will make money. If they think your business isn’t going anywhere, they won’t want to give you money they will never get back.

So, your business is doing well, you are getting a small but steady income with a want for more product. However, you don’t have the money. First thing you want to do is plan out a presentation to present at your loan appointment. Show the bank that your business works, you make money but need a loan to grow.

If your presentation is well put together, has good info and the bank or loan company can see there is potential, you are more than likely to come to a loan agreement. However, if your presentation is sloppy and has no real information regarding your business, prepare the leave empty handed.

Getting a business loan can make your small business into a huge one. Many of the huge business’ today started with some form of loan so if you think your business can grow, look into business loans more or even have a chat with your local bank.

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