Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Best Package Holidays with TUI

TUI is a big tourism business, with hundreds of hotels and aircrafts and about a dozen cruise liners. Previously, TUI was composed of two main holiday brands, Falcon holidays and Thompson. The two holiday brands have been owned by TUI since the year 2007. The change of names has been gradual and is likely to have a positive effect as the two holiday brands merge and change their name to one.

Some of the best Package Holiday Deals with TUI

Alua Calvia dreams package

The Aluvia Calvia is a hotel located in a prime location close to many bars and clubs in Spain. TUI offers a €719 for one person to the location from Dublin.

Ola Club Panama

This is another offer to watch out for. TUI offers a trip to this location at €666. The destination has a 4/5 rating on tripadvisor. The place is ideal since it is close to local beaches and is flowing with nightlife

Aluasoul Alcudia Bay

This is another location in Spain. The package to this destination is priced at €691 per person. This destination is ideal for either individuals or families


Based on the information, TUI is definitely the place to look out for wonderful holiday deals