Thursday, May 23, 2019
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This is why a web traffic limit is a good thing!

This is why a web traffic limit is a good thing!

This article advises the reader on why transparent web hosting providers who offer clear ideas on why a web traffic limit are good things are better than unscrupulous low-cost providers that promise “unlimited traffic.”

Transparent web hosting providers is popular with webmasters worldwide because of its exceptionally high speeds. Instead of using spinning hard drives, the company uses SSD storage, which is hundreds of times faster. Benefits of subscribing for the web hosting provider include;

– A range of SSL certificates

– Pocket-friendly prices

– Storage that is powered by SSD

– WHM and Cpanel hosting

– The web hosting is Linux and cloud-based

– Backups every night

– A web server that is Litespeed

– Quick response time to tickets (about 1 hour)

– Quick and easy setup

Packages include; Shared 1G for personal websites for only £5 per year, Shared 5G for just £10 per year and Shared 20G for £15 per year. is yet another great choice for your hosting needs that is popular for its outstanding performance. All the packages that offers use virtual private servers.Advantages of subscribing service at include;

– Automatic nightly backups
– Affordable pricing
– High-performance Intel hardware
– Pure SSD storage
– Snapshots for backups at any time
– Versatile file systems
– Full tunnel and VPN support

Packages include; OpenVZ 128 at £15 per year, OpenVZ 256 at £3.50 per month, OpenVZ 512 at £5.95 per month and Open VZ 1024 at £12.95 per month. The company also has high volume VPS plans starting from £24.95 per month to £74.95 per month. takes hosting a notch higher through its virtual hosting servers to host big website and large projects. The website allows you to chose between Virtualized VPS (XEN) and para-virtualized OpenVS.

Packages include;

OpenVZ VPS at 4 euros that offers the following

– SSH root access (full)

– Zero set up fees

– OpenVZ virtualization

– Different Linux operating systems

– One month contract renewal

Virtual Private servers HVM at 10.20 Euros

– Has its kernel

– Guaranteed and reliable RAM

– Xen HVM virtualization

– Contract renewable after one month

– Virtual KVM via IP (VNC)


– Contracts renewable after one month

-Xen paravirtualization

– SSH root access (Full)

– Zero setup fees

With the above transparent web hosting services, you will no longer need to rely on a provider that might limit your traffic down the line. Remember, a web traffic limit can be a good thing, especially if you’re just starting out.