The Best Easter Eggs Available Today

Here’s a list of the best Easter Eggs for their value, and best Easter Egg overall to help you decide what’s best for you.

In the £5 and under category, 6 eggs were compared. Asda Decorate Your Own Cheeky Chick Egg, Asda Smash Egg, Tesco Strawberry Unicorn, Tesco Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate egg, Aldi Curious Inventions Honeycomb Mash-Up Egg, and the Cadbury Wispa Egg. Of those, the Cadbury Wispa Egg was voted the best tasting for the value, at a low price of £4.

In the 6 to 7 pounds, category, 6 more eggs were compared. These include: Waitrose Arabica Coffee Egg, Waitrose Salted Hazelnut and Raisin Egg, Cadbury Peter Rabbit Egg, Green and Blacks Butterscotch Milk Chocolate Egg, Asda Belgian White Choc Egg With Raspberry Pieces, and Asda Belgian Milk Choc Egg With Salted Caramel Truffles. Coming in first place is the Asda Belgian Milk Choc Egg With Salted Caramel Truffles, which has bits of crunchy caramel at the center of a milk chocolate shell. The egg cost £7.

In the 8 to 10 pound category, another 6 were compared. Tesco Finest Gin and Elderflower Egg, Marks and Spencer Globetrotting Percy, Waitrose Monty Bojangles Spring Sensations, Hotel Chocolate Rock and Roll Easter Egg Sandwich, Lindor White Chocolate Stracciatella Easter Egg, Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Egg. Interestingly, the Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Egg was voted the best, mainly due to it’s thick and tasty chocolate shell. It cost £8.

In the over £10 category, 6 final eggs were compared. They were: Prestat Gin Truffle Egg, M and S Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate Lattice Egg, Lindt Gold Bunny Luxury Egg, Dairy Ultimate Daim Egg, Godiva Spring Collection Egg With Mini White Choc Praline Eggs, and Hotel Chocolate Hard Boiled Supermilk Chocolate Easter Egg. Take first, the Hotel Chocolate Hard Boiled Supermilk Chocolate Easter Egg, and was described as being very smooth and tasty, without being too rich. This egg will run you £16.

The grand champion over all these categories is the £7 costing Asda’s Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg With Salted Caramel Truffles, for its overall value and flavor combination.