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How to create and build a website

Learning how to create an build out a website can be more then a difficult task if you don’t have a strong understanding of what you are doing. Here is an excellent guide to the best and easiest to use website builders and what you’ll to consider before choosing one.


WordPress is an excellent website builder for someone that is looking for a high-value, low-cost build. WordPress software is free, but domain name costs of £10.63 a year and web hosting costs of £5.63. Additionally, WordPress gives you complete control over your website as well as offers thousands of themes which allow for your website to stand out.


Sitebuilder is another excellent website if you are looking to build your own website. The site costs roughly paid £6.38 per month and is billed annually while the ecommerce plan starts £8.50 per month. Sitebuilder offers an all-in-one platform with hosting, domain name, and a branded email address on your own domain name. Furthermore, they set up a PayPal account related directly to your business so you can access the funds you’ve earned from sales immediately.


Wix is also a great website builder if ease of use combined with a powerful set of features to build and control your website. Wix starts at £6.50 per month with a combo plan starting at £10.63 per month which includes your own free domain name. The ecommerce plan costs £18.60 per month. Wix doesn’t force you to pay for web hosting, but you will find issues if you ever want to move your website off their platform.

There are many options for building a website, make sure you choose the right one.