Top Holiday Destinations for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most amazing activities you can participate in during your holidays. You get to experience the majesty of the oceans first hand, swim side by side with many of the oceans most interesting occupants and it gives you a new perspective on how nature works. Picking a good destination for scuba diving is no easy task, luckily for you this article gives you the best destinations you can head to for a scuba diving adventure.

Sipadan Malaysia

July is the best time of the year to go diving in Sipadan, visibility can reach to fifty two meters and it is possible to see turtles, barracudas and plenty of reef sharks. This means it will be necessary to book your trip early to ensure that you get all your permits in time.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The crystal clear waters have a rich selection of marine life to swim with, including some of the best shark encounters in the world. You can snorkel with them and have an awe inspiring experience.

Cocos island, Costa Rica

Hammerhead sharks and other types of marine life makes this destination among the most popular in the world. The best time to dive is from June to December.

The British Sub Aqua Club, the Professional Association of Diving instructors and Scuba Schools International are three bodies that offer courses that can get you prepared for scuba diving.