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The Best Free Cloud Storage Options

Our documents contain important information that others may need to share. Cloud storage allows you to keep all of your files online, meaning less worry of losing anything valuable. Here are some of the best storage options available today.

Google Drive

Any Gmail user can access Google Drive and use it as a place to store important files. The accounts are free to create, and non-paying members get 15GB of storage per month. Google are one of the biggest companies in the world and Google Drive allows millions to access one of the best cloud storage options.

One Drive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s offering to the cloud storage world. The free membership gives 5GB of space every month, but students get 1TB of free storage. It can be accessed from Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Apple iCloud

Most iPad and iPhone owners use iCloud to store and backup some of their personal data. You’ll get 5GB of storage free and iCloud will keep documents, photos, videos and other private items secure.


It’s one of the most familiar names around and offers a great service to users. You can get 2GB for free, but if you refer friends and family, you’ll be rewarded with more storage space.

Amazon Drive

Prime members can make use of Amazons offering as they allow you to store unlimited photos. Customers also receive 5GB of free storage.

Zoolz Cloud

It’s less known than other cloud storage companies, but it’s been running since 2006. Users can get 100GB with Zoolz. A lot of business professionals use Zoolz.

There are many free options if you need cloud storage, but many agree that these are the best.