What are the best shops for plus sized clothing?

If you are plus-size, chances are you’ve had trouble finding cute, fashionable pieces to add to your wardrobe at a decent price. But, rest assured that you’re not alone.

Many retailers simply don’t make clothes for women above a size 12 or 14 and if they do, they tend towards the dark and drab, not as attractive as clothes for smaller sizes. So here’s a quick list of shops that will be happy to help you look your best, whatever your size.

Evans.com is one example of an online shop which specializes in plus sized clothing for women. They offer all their sizes in 14-32 UK and even offer excellent deals such as free delivery when you spend over £50, student discounts, free UK returns and a deal where, if you sign up for their newsletter, you receive 20% of your first order.

Boohoo.com is also an excellent example of medium to plus sized shopping websites, as they offer all their sizes in 16-24 UK and also offer especially unique trendy clothing.

Very.com is a great website if you’re looking for a wide selection of plus sized clothing with particular interests in top brands. The website offers deals on a variety of tops and dresses, including the dress worn by Towie star Gemmie Collins. They also offer free UK returns and free next day delivery.

Mark and Spencer’s (M&S) is another great website for plus sized yet fashionable pieces of clothing. There is free delivery on all orders over £20 and free next day delivery on all orders over £100.