The Best Classic Car Festivals

There are a bunch of classic car shows coming up in 2018 and if you love cars, you won’t want to miss out. Proud owners from all over the UK will be showing off their prized possessions and for a chance to see these cars, check below for some of the best classic car shows you can visit in the UK.

The Silverstone Classic Weekend (20th-22nd July)

This classic car show is one for the whole family or anyone with an interest or passion in classic cars. Head down to Silverstone, one of the world’s best racing venues, and witness over 10,000 classic cars.

Not only will you see thousands of gorgeous classics, but it will span over a weekend and there are plenty of activities and entertainment if you decide to make it a family trip.

Goodwood Festival of Speed (12-15 July)

We hope you have this car show down in your calendar as it is one of the biggest and best in the UK. Each year, Goodwood holds a festival exclusive to classic cars. All cars on show will be from the 1948 – 1966 period and it is a truly spectacular sight. The cars won’t be the only thing classic at the festival. Every minor detail such as the entertainment, dress code and shops will be dated back to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

NEC Classic Car Show (10-12 November)

Every year, the NEC hosts the UK’s biggest classic car show. Based on previous years, this is a car show that you need to attend and you will not be disappointed. The weekend show will feature vehicles from over 250 classic car clubs. This means that not only will there be hundreds of classic cars, but motorcycles as well!

If you love classic vehicles, then these shows are a must. Book yourself a ticket, book your family in for the weekend and enjoy some vehicles from the past.