Causes And Solutions For Wedding Drama

Causes And Solutions For Wedding Drama

Everyone has an idea of their perfect wedding, but you should never let your friends’ or family members’ ideas spoil your wedding. Very few people are lucky to have weddings without fallouts.

Wedding drama is real and isn’t always limited to the Soap Operas and the movies.

Wedding Drama: Causes and Solutions

A wedding involves friends and family. This is where wedding drama takes effect. It is not rare for a wedding to bring up some sour unresolved tension among friends and in a family.

Wedding drama takes no mercy. Most brides have to deal with it at some point. Fortunately, wedding drama can come in very small episodes and that can be the end of it. However, there are situations where it can brew and get out of control, causing you to have to change your plans. 

Common causes of wedding drama include a wedding between individuals of different races or different religions.

It is always important to respect other people’s religion including your parents’ religion as well as your in-laws’ race and religion. Regarding gender differences, the more that husbands attended religious services and were generally more religious, the lower the frequency of marital arguments and the higher the marital adjustment scores in first marriages and remarriages. Remember that this is the 21st century and religious and ethnic backgrounds should not cause drama.

Other causes

Jealous friends and estranged family member. Those are two different causes of the wedding drama.

Your parents are divorced, and you haven’t talked to one or both of them for many years, and there cannot be a wedding without the parents. Remember they are your parents and you can’t get married without them. You don’t want to invite them to your wedding but if you don’t invite them everyone at the wedding will feel uncomfortable.

Another issue is jealousy. Some friends or a jealous sibling will even try to sabotage your wedding be warned. To be diplomatic and open with your friend asking help if there is, for example, an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend in your wedding drama.