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Understanding Web Hosting and Knowing which solution is right for me

Web Hosting concept

The world today is quite innovative with several strides in the field of technology continuing to be made constantly. The ability to connect to people through the Internet is something very intriguing that has provided several entrepreneurial opportunities. You can start your company by creating a website that contains all your hosting needs and features. So what is web hosting and which solution is the right for me?

Web hosting is an Internet hosting service that allows people and institutions to make their web page accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the companies providing space on their servers for clients and also provide Internet connectivity.


You should find a website builder, like wix, weebly, or squarespace, that works for you and works within your parameters. The mentioned are the right choice for less technical users. Professional websites can be created with a few steps by inserting images and text without any coding experience required.

Hosting with the domain registrar

Examples include Godaddy, name.com, namecheap which are easy to setup. The domain can be connected to the web space with a few clicks. While some registrars offer site builders, some don’t so for the actually website creation development skills are required.

Pure hosting options

They include hostgator and ipage that require the most advanced option. The user can point externally registered domains to the hosting provider. The personnel needs to be experienced for the setup.

Free Web Hosting Service

It is free and offers limited services as compared to paid hosting. It is supported by advertisements sometimes.

Reseller Web Hosting 

Clients are allowed to become web hosts. Resellers function for individual domains with the provider they are affiliated with.

The above is all about web hosting and answers the question which solution is the right for me? You will be able to find the solution that best serves you.