Best Value Cars This Year

People often assume that only the cheapest or smallest cars have the best value. But the best value cars this year aren’t all econoboxes. Here’s a highlight of 5 of the best value cars 2018 based on quality.

Chevrolet Impala £20,700 – £25,604

The impala stands from the crowd as the best large sedan. Take a look at its interior and you will see why, it is roomy and packed with top-notch tech like GPS navigation and Apple Carplay. Despite its size, it offers quality and responsive handling.

Honda Civic £18,380 – £23,295

Its admirable how the Honda Civic model combines precise handling, safety features and power. Features spacious seats, high grade cabin and great fuel economy.

Hyundai Sonata 2018 £16,317 – £23,230

This new-generation Sonata has extensive features from its predecessor including a larger trunk lid, new hood, smooth ride, flexible configurations and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Mazda MX-5 Miata £15,717 – £23,784

The real alchemy behind this car is how you can efficiently harness its power with a blissful six-speed manual transmission. Features suspension tuning, two trim levels and a small cabin.

Audi Q7 £48,675 – £57,500

Audi’s Q7 is also one of the best value cars this year. This luxurious 4×4 is sumptuous, has a gorgeous interior, luxurious features, fuel efficient and agile handling.