Top City Breaks in Europe

The continent of Europe boasts phenomenal cities, some with history stretching back hundreds of years. Here are the top five locations for city breaks in Europe.


London is usually overlooked because many see it as home especially when they are in the UK. However, there is always a new event or exhibition waiting to be seen and enjoyed in London. It should be considered for anyone who wants to explore Europe for a short while.


Paphos is coastal town in Southwest Cyprus. The city is an ideal destination for anyone looking to get away for a weekend. The town features many historical and natural features and would make a great destination for a holiday during the busy months.


This Italian city is full of wonder. There is a wide variety of food and drink in addition to great fashion. The great fashion in this city is a reason to visit since you may end up spending everything on fashion alone. For people not too enthusiastic about fashion, there is a variety of architectural design that will catch your eye.


Paris is perhaps one of the most talked about destinations in Europe. It is usually considered a Romantic city and may be great for people who are in love. It is also an ideal place for people who just wish to visit.


In Berlin, you will get to enjoy the great historical artefacts that remain of Germany. There is also an abundance of bars and clubs. In the summer, the weather is ideal and you may enjoy your stay there more.

When it comes to city breaks, Europe is hard to beat!