How to Choose Disneyland Hotels in Paris

Time spent at Disneyland Paris is about as tiring as it is exciting. The hype from meeting Disneyland characters, the electric atmosphere as well as the adrenaline from the rollercoasters that make Disneyland Paris so fascinating can take a toll on your body by the end of the day. Therefore, it’s very important that you and your kids are able to relax after a busy day at Disneyland Paris. Here are some tips for choosing Disneyland hotels in Paris:


Since you’re on a leisure trip, it’s essential to ensure that the hotel you choose is located in the proximity of Disneyland Paris. This will make it easier for you to visit the parks in less time. Besides helping you save time, this will also make the trip even more enjoyable.

Hotel amenities

Modern players in the hospitality industry understand the importance of different amenities and services to their clients. Most tourists prefer hotels which offer exceptional amenities and services. For instance, if you must maintain regular contact with partners and clients, it’s essential to choose a hotel with internet facilities such as Wi-Fi.


Price is usually one of the main considerations with any trip or vacation decision. When comparing hotels by price, you should keep in mind that price is influenced by different factors such as room types and amenities. However, asking for lucrative offers and discounts is not all wrong. You can also research about the various value added services provided by different hotels in order to get the best value for your money.

Kid friendly

If you want to take your family on a trip to Disneyland Paris, it’s vital to ensure that you choose a kid friendly or for kids at heart hotels with decent family rooms in order to ensure a fun and comfortable stay for the entire family. Various hotels both inside the park and outside of the park offer a wide range of room types from king suites to family rooms. For instance, the family-friendly Explorers Hotel Algonquin offers an immensely thoughtful room choice with connecting units that can sleep from 2 to 10.

You should also consider hotels that offer other kid-friendly amenities such as play areas, swimming pools, water slides, free transport, fitness centre, or even a video games room to keep your kids occupied.