The Best Camera Setting and Tips to Capture the Northern Lights

Many people travel to see the Northern Lights, yet many fail to get an amazing picture. There are actually tips and tricks to allow you to capture the best possible image. Below will be some info and tips on how you can capture a beautiful Northern Lights image.

Plan Ahead

If you just turn up to a random spot, pull your camera out and start snapping, don’t expect any of the pictures to come out looking perfect. For that perfect set of pictures, you need to plan ahead and here’s how.

You are taking an image of the sky, so having a clear sky is key. Don’t waste your time going out on a cloudy miserable night as this will completely ruin your chances. Therefore, try and pick a night when the sky is as clear as possible. Checking your weather app will really help pick a night.

Light Pollution and Aurora Activity

Light pollution can really affect the quality of an image. For the best results, you want to find an area with little or no light pollution. To pick a spot with low light pollution, check the Blue Marble Light Pollution Map. This map will give you an idea on where the dark spots are.

Checking the aurora activity is the next thing to check. Obviously if the aurora activity is low, there isn’t going to be as much activity in the sky for you to capture. There are multiple resources that allow you to check the activity so aim for a night that has a score of 2 or higher.

Above are the main tips on how to capture the best Northern Light images. However, having a good set up is ideal. So, don’t forget your lenses and tripod otherwise all of the planning ahead will have been a waste.