The Best Valentines Day Gifts for Men

The Best Valentines Day Gifts for Men

Buying Valentine’s day gifts for men may appear to be a daunting task, but that’s far from the case. Simply put, try to base your gift around where his interests are. Here are a two good ideas to get you started based around the two things men love most, drinking and watching sports.

Embroidered Whiskey Glasses (£39.99) – If the man you’re looking to buy a Valentine’s day gift for enjoys the occasional glass of scotch, whiskey or liquor, an embroidered whiskey glass could make for the perfect addition to his collection of spirits. As long as he lives, he’ll be able to use the glasses, knowing you thought of him when you decided to have the glasses engraved with his name. They also make for a great excuse to sit down and have a drink!

Tickets to Your Man’s Favorite Sports Team (Pair of tickets –  £62.50 – £102)

 If the man you’re buying a gift for has a passion for sports, buying him tickets to see his favorite team would be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Giving him the opportunity to see his team, live and in person, would thrill him and the memories the two of you would create would last a lifetime. However, beware that prices vary greatly depending on the opposing team and the proximity to the date of the game, so plan ahead and neither of you will regret it!

Although it may seem like there’s not a lot of options, the best Valentines day gifts for men could be anything, so make an effort to show you appreciate him.