Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Rose Alternatives for Valentine’s Day Deliveries

Are you tired of the usual roses on Valentine’s? The following are rose alternatives for Valentine’s day deliveries. The following are rose alternatives for Valentine’s day deliveries.


Lilies have a sense of peace in them and are a great alternative during this special occasion. The delicate white flowers are beautiful and dainty. Ensure that they still have the green foliage on them to create a beautiful contrast. Fill a basket with lilies, and you’ll see how they will create an unusually beautiful presentation.

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchids

These orchids resemble beautiful butterflies flying out of a magician’s hat. The deep pink color of the flowers offers a pretty look. Choose a beautiful ceramic pot or basket to complete the look and watch your loved one beam with happiness and appreciation as you present them.


The delicate pink blossoms will add a feminine feel to the gift. Put the flowers in a pot or basket for a different look. Don’t be ordinary, stand out from the crowd. Show your partner that you deeply care about them, for going the extra mile to offer something that is unique and unusual. This year, avoid the usual bunch of flowers and offer a basket or pot of flowers. The flowers also last longer in a pot.

Roses are beautiful, but can also get monotonous. The above rose alternatives for Valentine’s day deliveries will offer you some examples that can replace roses.