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Highlighting Our Choice for 2019 Home Security Systems

2018 Home Security Systems

Technology has changed the way people secure their homes and it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to to take adequate precautions against crime and burglaries. But as always in the field of technology, the choice can be overwhelming. Do you need a home security system, but don’t know which one to get? Here are our top picks:


SimpliSafe has more than 10,000 Amazon reviews and belongs to the big players of home security. The company started out with motion sensors, but now specialises in indoor home security cameras. This model is reliable and simple to use. If you already have other SimpliSafe products this camera seamlessly integrates.

SkylinkNet Alarm System

This affordable system is really easy to install. It includes windows and door sensors, a base station and a motion detector. Besides the security perks it also has some other handy features: It comes with garage door sensors that open when you are in range and water leak sensors that help save on utility bills.


Xfinity Home Security is an ideal choice for people who have their homes monitored by Comcast Home Security. The Xfinity camera can be used for video verification during alerts and for check ups on the house when you’re absent. It works in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is dust and water resistant.

Vivint Smart Home

This home security system comes with a range of options to choose from when selecting a monthly plan, like for example a smart lock, garage door opener, outdoor camera, an element thermostat, ping camera and a doorbell camera.