Highlighting Our Choice for 2018 Home Security Systems

The security of your home is very important, if you want to safeguard your property as well as your family.. There is no need to lose anything, especially if the loss could have been avoided if you had taken the necessary precautions. Our choice for home security systems are sure to provide you with state of the art equipment with additional features like monitoring or controlling the system using mobile devices in your possession. They include:

SkylinkNet Alarm System

This system does not require professional installation since it is really easy to install as well as affordable. It includes windows and door sensors, base station and a motion detector to determine if someone is trying to infiltrate the house. It has garage door sensors that open when you are in range and water leak sensors that help save on utility bills. It also comes with a variety of connected security cameras.

Vivint Smart Home

This home security system comes with range of components you can choose from when selecting a monthly plan. They include a smart lock, garage door opener, outdoor camera, an element thermostat, ping camera and a doorbell camera. Also, in the event of something there is a speedy response from the relevant security authorities.


Uses high-quality equipment, such as an indoor/outdoor home security camera, Xfinity Home Security is an ideal choice for those with homes monitored by Comcast Home Security. The Xfinity camera can be used for video verification during alerts, as well as to check how things are if you’re away from home. It works in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is dust and water resistant. Whatever your home security plans, this system can work with it.


With more than 10,000 Amazon reviews, SimpliSafe is an old hand at home security. Previously, they dealt in motion sensors, but now they offer a home security camera to offer you peace of mind, no matter where you are. Unfortunately, it’s indoor only, but if you’re already with Simplisafe, then this camera automatically integrates with the existing system. The key here is simplicity. It’s reliable, and simple to use. If you are already a SimpliSafe owner, this camera is worth the investment.

Other security systems for 2018 are ADT Pulse, Abode Home Security, Protect America Home Security, GetSafe Home Security and Frontpoint Home Security.

Remember, home security is a necessary investment, so weigh your choice accordingly.