Sights to see in Wales

There is no need to fly for hours to visit amazing places. In fact, Wales is pretty much around the corner and it’s one of the most beautiful places you could ever see. If you need some good suggestions to believe it, just read on to discover the top sights to see in Wales.

The Blue Lagoon

If you love breathtaking views, make sure you head over to Abereiddy where you will find one of the most gorgeous places in the whole of Wales.


For those who enjoy going for walks, you can reach Porthgain from Abereiddy by walking for about 40 minutes across the coast. There you will find a very popular touristic spot with restaurants and art galleries and, if you like practicing sports, you will be glad to know it’s a great place for launching kayaks.


There is something extremely fascinating about medieval cities and Tenby is exactly that. Despite being very popular it’s never crowded with tourists and you can visit the harbor, North Beach and South Beach while you are there.

St. Davids Cathedral

Located in the county of Pembrokeshire, this cathedral is a must-see for anyone who loves architecture. Not only is it an extremely big structure, it’s also very well-kept despite the fact it was completed in the 13th century.