Top 5 Alternative Romantic Getaway Destinations

Many people think that Venice and Paris are the only romantic getaway destinations but there are plenty of them around the world even if less famous.

If you are looking for alternative romantic getaway destinations, you can’t even imagine how many of them are around the world. They are cheaper in comparison with famous places such as Venice and you can also enjoy stunning views, excellent food and historic buildings.

If you love Tuscany, Florence is a must but close to the city, you find San Gimignano. It is also known as the ″medieval Manhattan″ because of its several towers very similar to skyscrapers of ancient times. Look for panoramas and good restaurants and your partner will thank you.

If you like volcanoes, sea and sun your destination is Sicily. Agrigento is the perfect place if you want to go back in time to the Greek era. Here you can admire a lot of Greek temples in the so called ″the Temples’ Valley″. The view here is absolutely breathtaking. Many people have said that if your relationship is not working, Agrigento is the right place to start again. Book your hotel now.

Are you looking for an alternative to Paris? Troyes, in Champagne region, is the perfect place for lovers. It is the town of the tragic couple Abelard and Eloise and it offers lots of cultural venues, museums and historic buildings. Celebrate with a bottle of champagne and enjoy the delicious cakes for sale in shops. Vive l’amour!