Romantic Hotspots to visit on a Costa Rica Holiday

Costa Rica has a lot to offer to loving couples, and this article will provide you with some romantic hotspots to visit on a Costa Rica holiday. The following are romantic hotspots to visit on a Costa Rica holiday.

La Paz Waterfall

The delightful eco-excursion is right outside the San Jose city. The waterfall has beautiful gardens with five waterfalls. Being in a tropical forest, expect to see different species of birds, monkeys, butterflies, snakes, and sloths. All the paths are premarked, giving you a chance to take a self-tour. While here, visit the Hummingbird Garden, serpentarium and butterfly observatory for an exhilarating view of different species of snakes, butterflies, and birds available.

Chucaras Hot springs Estate

Have you always wanted to take a dip in a hot spring? Try the Chucaras Hot springs Estate. The thermal hot springs are in the midst of mountains offering a scenic view. The weather at the hot springs offers an ideal climate for coffee growing, and you’ll have a chance to drink one of the most superior coffees in the world.

The Hidden Valley

Did you know that there is a species of wildlife that only come out at night? The hidden valley has wildlife that you can only see at night and never during the day. The wildlife has excellent camouflage, but don’t worry because a bilingual tour guide will help you identify the wildlife.

If you’re looking for places that you can visit with your loved one, the above romantic hotspots to visit on a Costa Rica holiday will give you a head start.