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Why Pick Tesco for Mobile Broadband?

Tesco, or Tesco Mobile, is the first supermarket chain store to enter the mobile marketplace and offer mobile broadband on the O2 network. The company offers a wide selection of pocket-friendly one-month and 12-month SIM-only and handset contract deals for home and office internet users. Although it is a virtual network operator, there are many reasons to pick Tesco for mobile broadband besides their very competitive pricing on data packages. Here are some of the top reasons you should know about.

Tesco does not charge extra fees for data roaming: Tesco mobile offers pay-as-you-go as well as monthly mobile broadband that customers can use within the UK and roam at no extra charge in 31 countries. This means all data allowance applicable in the UK can still be used abroad without further charges.

Bill capping prevents surprise expenditure on broadband: With Tesco mobile broadband, you have the option to sign up for a capped service, which essentially allows you to set your maximum limit on data use and avoid hefty charges that occur when you accidentally exceed your data limits.

Robust and dependable network: The O2 network has one of the widest network coverage in the country. You will be able to access Tesco mobile broadband wherever there is O2 network, which means virtually everywhere in the country.

Tesco is one of the fastest growing networks with a large user base and highest satisfaction rates. If you are shopping for a dependable and affordable broadband for your personal mobile, home, or business use, you should consider Tesco mobile broadband because it has a lot more to offer than we have listed here.