Top 5 Reasons to Book a China Tour

The range of reasons to travel includes a desire to meet new people and experience new cultures, see new natural and artificial sites and the general thrill of travelling. Here are the top 5 reasons touring China should be among your priorities

The Great Wall of China

Many say that the great wall of China is the only man-made feature that can be seen from the moon. While there is no merit to this common urban myth, the sheer scale and history of the Wall has put it on many bucket lists.

Remarkable Chinese food

Over the years, the popularity of Chinese food has grown across the globe. The food is delicious and there is a wide variety of it. You get the chance to eat from the country and perhaps even a chance to cook the food yourself


Ask most people about Chinese animals, most will answer the panda. Apart from large and cute pandas, china also has other wild animals, like snub-nosed monkeys and tigers, wild plants like hydrangeas and chrysanthemums, and extensive natural sites, like Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, home of the famous floating mountains.

The Chinese Culture

Visiting China especially during Chinese holidays, like New Years or the Mid-Autumn Festival, may give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Chinese culture. The jewelry and dresses you may get from China will make you want to visit again

The cities

Chinese cities are exciting and strongly exotic. They have a great mix of life due to the massive urban population that pulls in people from all over the world. Visiting China would give you an opportunity to see the cities