The Best Interest Free Credit Card Offers in the UK

Are you looking to get a credit card? This article will share the best interest free credit card offers. The following are the best interest free credit card offers.

Sainsbury’s Credit Card

This credit card has a 31-month interest-free period and then will start charging 18.95 % after 31 months are over. The Sainsbury’s credit card also has a Nectar points reward system that awards you with 2 points for every £1 you spend in Sainsbury’s. If you use the card in other locations, you will earn 1 Nectar point for every £5 you spend. During the first two months, you will get 1000 points every time you spend £40 in Sainsbury’s.

MBNA All-round Credit Card

Pay 0% interest on purchases 30 months and start paying 19.9% after that. This card had no reward points but allows you to do a transfer to your current account. For balance transfers, this card will charge you no interest for 30 months but will start charging 21.9% after that, plus a 2.72% fee.

Santander All-in-one Credit Card

This card charges no interest for 30 months on all purchases and balance transfers but starts charging 15.9% after the period. The card also allows you to earn 0.5% cash back once you register for mobile or online banking. If you use the local currency to make purchases in foreign countries, you will not pay any transaction fees.

When getting a credit card, get one that has offers. The best interest free credit card offers above will help you make an informed decision.