Best Budget Friendly Activities in Costa Rica

Are you going to Costa Rica but you are on a budget? No problem! You can enjoy a lot because there are lots of budget friendly activities there.

Costa Rica is famous for its colours. In San José, the capital city, there is a marketplace well known for the variety of food offered to visitors. Here you can find low cost, delicious food, smoothies and coffee. This is the right occasion to try local food and discover new recipes.

Do you like nature and open air adventures? In Puerto Viejo you can start a wonderful tour of the rainforest. The landscape around you is just stunning, birds are colourful and the trees incredibly tall. Don’t miss this opportunity: it’s very cheap!

Arenal is the name of a famous volcano in Costa Rica. Because of the heat, the springs of Rio Chollìn here are hot and it is very pleasant to bathe in this water. The landscape is amazing and this natural spa is completely free! You can find this place near the town of Tabacón, west of La Fortuna. Definitely, a must see.

Sandy beaches are enchanting but they become interesting if you can see turtles that lay eggs on the shoreline. Tortuguero on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, is very popular because here you can spot this special moment of a turtle life. Close to the beach, there is a wonderful National Park. This experience is unique and only costs a few dollars.