10 Best Places to Visit in Italy

best place to visit Italy

If you’ve made a list of all the places that you must visit in your lifetime, then Italy must certainly be there among the top 5 destinations. After all, good food, the latest fashion, ancient art – the country boasts of being the best in almost everything.

So if you’re planning on visiting the land of pizza and fashion, we have a list of the top ten places!

1. Naples:

This is the place in southern Italy where your favourite spaghetti and pizza originated from. It is also well known for its historical spots and nightlife.

2. The Italian Lake District:

If you’re looking forwards to the classic landscape of never ending mountains and lakes, then the Italian District is where you should head off to.

3. Sicily:

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is also the home to the Mediterranean civilization. Expect lots of ancient monuments and temples and Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe.

4. Italian Riviera

This narrow coastal strip is a great place for the tourists. You would love the rugged cliffs, and is a great place to start exploring the area around. Don’t forget to head off to the popular Cinque Terre there!

5. Milan:

One of the most shining cities of Europe, this metropolitan city is the hub of the latest fashion trends and more modern in its outlook and approach. This is also where the original paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci are housed and some world famous gothic cathedrals can be explored.

6. The Amalfi Coast:

It lies in Campania, that falls in the southwestern part of Italy. The region is famous for its stunning landscapes with picturesque coastlines that has made it a favourite destination of the tourists.

7. Pompeii:

If history enthralls you, then you will get mesmerized in Pompeii! After all, after being buried in volcanic ash for over 1700 years, even the air is filled with the incense of history. Want to know more about the life in ancient Rome? Pompeii shall give you your answers.

8. Venice:

This definitely had to be here. The city that is built on a lagoon and surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Venice is connected by beautiful bridges and gorgeous canals and is known as one of the most romantic cities of the world!

9. Tuscany:

Imagine lush green hills, magical olive gardens and vineyards…sounds like the perfect holiday destination to you? That’s Tuscany that you’re imagining. Whether you’re an avid wine lover or just want to relax in nature, you can’t come back from Italy without visiting Tuscany.

10. Rome:

Once the capital of the Roman Empire and the capital city of modern Italy, Rome can be romantic, ancient and modern at the same time. Whether you want to explore the old cathedrals, the Renaissance Architecture or even the Vatican City, there is something for everyone in Rome!