Bitcoin’s Shares Trading Story

This article shares information of Bitcoin – The shares trading story to educate you on the new cryptocurrency that is taking over the world.

The story

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2008, nobody knows the exact identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. As he owns 5% of all Bitcoin, industry players estimate his net worth to be around $6 billion. In a white paper that Nakamoto wrote in 2008, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic currency.

Bitcoin experts expect the currency’s worth to grow to $21 million by the year 2140. Bitcoin’s value depends on demand, and the value of the currency is likely to continue skyrocketing as its market keeps rising. The value could, however, drop if another cryptocurrency overtakes Bitcoin’s demand rate. The actual value of Bitcoin lies in its functionality and utility. In most countries, Bitcoin is exempt from taxes and solely runs on a unique blockchain technology. Bitcoin has come a long way from just $10000 at the beginning of 2018 to a record-breaking $15244 by December 2017.

What purchases can you make with Bitcoin?

Over 10000 merchants worldwide accept Bitcoin as a form of exchange.

– Giving to charitable organizations
– Receiving charity
– To buy food in Bitcoin restaurants
– Paying for travel (hotels stay, airfare, car rentals, etc.)

It looks like Bitcoin is not just a craze anymore, and its presence is shaking the economic world. Bitcoin is here to stay. If you haven’t made your move yet, perhaps its time to do it now.

The shares trading story of Bitcoin lets you find out about how the currency grew, trading options and purchases.