What to bring on a Caravan Holiday

Are you wondering what to bring on a caravan holiday? If it’s your first time going on a caravan holiday, read on to see what you need to carry.

The following is what to bring on a caravan holiday.


Be sure to bring food and drink essentials like salt, pepper, herbs, coffee, long-life milk, and tea, as well as things like toiletries. If you plan to buy the above things from the campsite, be ready to pay more for them.

Cutlery and dishes

The pans in your caravan might not be non-stick while things like mugs might be too small to fit your regular dose of coffee.

Small fridge

Are you planning to carry refreshments like beer and soda or perishables like meat, bacon or sausages? Bring a small fridge with you to avoid food poisoning.

Optional stuff

Bring along some clothes baskets to help everyone stay organised.

Extras for fun

Does your caravan have a TV? Carry your laptop just in case. Bring your favorite DVDs and CDs to keep you entertained throughout your holiday. And just in case the power goes, bring along a deck of cards. Those don’t run out of batteries.

Please note that even if your package states that they provide some of the things above, bring yours just in case. Your caravan company might offer the items, but the quality might not be ideal.

Knowing what to bring on a caravan holiday can turn a good holiday into a great one.